We, Sky net Media Solutions, help companies build informal relationships with their customers.

We believe that big sales can be effected through well-built personal relations, while the relations can start through networking.

We invite high-status audience for you and guarantee their presence at your event.

We focus on gathering decision-makers in one place and maintaining a dialogue with them.

We do not believe in point-blank sales-at the end of the day, really large sales are always time-consuming.

When can you benefit from us

You sell or promote a complex B2B product, service, or solution, and have hard times when looking for clients in Russia

You already know your potential customers by sight, but they cannot be approached easily

You have tried many standard, classic marketing tools and have already experienced their poor performance

You have already heard of event marketing and even tried it, but it did not yield favorable results

You are tired of attending external events and competing with other companies, trying to prove that your product is worth attention most

How effective are the tactics your organization uses?

In-Person Events                   75%
Case Studies                        66%
Videos                                   65%
Webinars/Webcasts              63%
Blogs                                     62%
eNewsletters                         61%
Research Reports                  60%
White Papers                        59%
Articles in Your Website       58%
eBooks                                  58%

75% directors and B2B marketing managers, according to research by the Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs “2016 B2B Content Marketing Trends—North America”, say in-person events are the most effective tool in B2B sales and marketing. In-person events, which has been rated the most effective tactic for the last six years, increased from 69% to 75%

We will organize an event, a conference, or a business breakfast for you and invite the decision makers you want to meet.

The event’s topic will be urgent and engaging for professionals in your field and will be directly related to your customers’ needs, and in the course of discussions, you will be able to demonstrate your offer at its best and to show that it is your idea that solves the existing problem.

We will not let your competitors come to your events.

We thoroughly control the list of guests registering at the event. It is only you who should get all potential clients.

Like nobody else, we understand that the pond must be worked,

and we will provide you with an opportunity to establish contacts with right people. There are few organizers of business events in India who know what pace to take, so that they overload the audience with information, keeping them away from socializing. We will give you enough time and opportunities for important business connections.

We will gather your future clients at your longed-for business platform

and conduct the top-of-the line event – we know the devil is in the details. You will find it much easier to find common ground with your future partners in the most possible comfortable and pleasant environment.

How do we differ from other agencies ?

Sky net Media Solutions is a marketing agency that helps to promote business and brands of its customers in India. Our event department specializes solely on organization of business events . and we also deal with Creative, Entertainment , HR and Mass event