Sky net International Media Solutions serves many international advertising agencies in India and abroad. Do your customers put you to the marketing tasks in the Indian advertising market? Doesn’t your agency have an office in India? Sky net International Media Solutions has proved itself as a reliable partner in servicing the global brands through affiliate advertising agencies.

International advertising agencies choose to work with us for several reasons:

  • Sky net Group has expertise in the Indian media and advertising market, we know the features and pitfalls of the market.
  • We do the work of our advertising partners comfortable in the new market.


Digital Marketing

Did your customers set you the goal of undertaking a digital campaign in the Indian market? We have a large number of solutions in this field, from SEO and SEM marketing to content and influencer marketing.

Digital Marketing Agency in India

Sky net Group is an independent Indian full service marketing and advertising agency.
We offer a variety of services aimed at assistance in meeting all upcoming demands of your clients in India and Abroad. Our agency helps global brands reach all most desirable customers in India.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing and Online Advertising in India

Analytics, Audit & Alignment-

we analyze your business segment, study your competitors, look at the market through the lens of customers, and skim the cream off to integrate it into your strategy.

Customer Journey Mapping-


we learn the journey of your customer and propose tools and strategies, by means of which we can build a Digital Marketing Strategy that covers 360° of your audience.

Content Strategy- 

on grounds of the above, we already understand the needs of your target audience. We create relevant content, attract the attention of your target audience, and move it through a sales funnel.

KPI Reporting & Optimization

Analysis and adjustments are an integral part of any successful online campaign. By means of optimization and daily improvements, we improve indicators of our investments in marketing step by step.


Search Engine Marketing

Talking about the modern situation with digital marketing, platforms and channels bring success only through technical know-how in products and search data. We are obsessed with search results regarding your business, market changes, shifts in demand, and industry innovations.

Search Engine Marketing in India

The quantity of the Internet users search for services through the searching systems in India is rising with developing and spreading of the Internet. No doubts, the role of searching systems is only growing up. That is why if you expect to attract client’s attention to your website, you cannot avoid using Search Engine Marketing. Website optimization for searching requests and placing advertising in PPC ad systems such as Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords – are the two core elements of the Searching Marketing. Sky net Group performs full complex of services of website developing and search marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Today most of all popular social networks in India provide an opportunity to advertise. It can be either a user post in a news feed and banner placement. Such advertising has the most flexible targeting settings. Your ads will be shown to users of a certain age, sex or marital status. Ads can also be set to show users in a certain region or in any particular time.

Paid Search Marketing

Sky net Group performs setting up services of the contextual advertisings in the searching systems. Contextual advertising is a unique way to offer client the product that he is looking for directly at this moment, that is why it has stable high rates of effectiveness. It is known that advertising in searching systems is the most effective in the beginning of sales.

Paid Social Marketing

Sky net Group performs services of posting ads in Indian social networks. Recently social networks have become a part of lives of millions of Indians. Today the amount of month audience in Indian social networks is more than 50 million people.

Target Advertising

Sky net Group provides services of setting target advertisement banners in the Indian Internet segment. Banner advert keeps on going to be the key element of digital marketing in the Indian Internet segment. Today, the effectiveness of banner ads mostly depends not on the content but on the placement of it. For choosing the place in the most effective way one should use targeting technologies, which allow bringing your offers to your targeting auditory

Media Planning & Buying

Media buying market in India is huge; it operates a large number of media sales houses, which have the rights to sell a variety of mass media. How to negotiate and obtain the necessary price conditions? How to determine the desired media channels for your client? Sky net Group has experience in servicing large-scale campaigns both on individual regional scales, and on a national scale. Let us to solve the questions of your media purchases in India.


TV advertising

Despite the widespread presence of the Internet, television is still the media №1 in India, which makes it an ideal channel to promote the brand at the federal level.

Our approach to TV advertising placement in India

We start with the analysis of your brand, business sector and competitors.
Based on these data, we build an optimal media strategy.

Sky Net Group is independent, that is why we avoid high overhead expenses and operate more economically. We are quite loyal to customers in our approach to pricing.

Thanks to the software, we have access to analytical data on TV audience, allowing us to professionally deal with media planning.

We have access to information on the volumes of TV channels audiences in general, as well as programs and commercials in particular, data on the structure and profile of the audience, their loyalty and duration of viewing.

Radio advertising

Radio advertising has a number of important advantages. First of all, it is a relatively low cost of contact with a broad coverage. At the same time, radio advertising has a wide range of possibilities for audience segmentation as well as various forms of presentation.

Advertising on Radio in India

Sky net Group performs services of radio advertisement in India. If you`re a foreign company, it`s quite difficult to understand the specific character of advertising on radio in India by yourself. That is why Sky net Group -Indian Marketing and Advertising Agency offers services in advertising on radio in India.

Advertising on radio in India is possible on such rating radio stations as

Radio Jamia (see Jamia Millia Islamia) 90.4 MHz Multilingual
Delhi University Community Radio90.4 MHz Multilingual
Radio SD 90.8 90.8 MHz Hindi
Radio City91.1 MHz Hindi
Big FM92.7 MHz Hindi
Red FM 93.5 MHz Hindi
Radio One94.3 MHz English
Hit FM 95.0 MHz Hindi
Apna Radio (Indian Institute of Mass Communication) 96.9 MHz Multilingual
Radio Mirchi98.3 MHz Hindi
Vividh Bharti (All India Radio)100.1 MHz Multilingual
AIR FM Rainbow102.6 MHz Hindi
Fever 104104.0 MHz Hindi
Oye 104.8104.8 MHz Hindi
Gyan Vani 105.6 MHz Hindi
AIR FM Gold105.6 MHz Hindi
Radio Nasha 107.2 MHz Hindi
Noida FM107.4 MHz Hindi

and many others. Geography of advertising on radio in India includes such cities as Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangluru , Gurgaon, Jaipur, and many other cities in India.

When we place radio advertising in India we take into consideration the field of your business, strategic tasks, which were determined before the campaign, target audience and we project all collected data to the Indian market. As a result you will receive qualitative, effective and the main thing, individual advertising on radio in India, completely adapted under the local market. Our specialists will provide you a full range of services for promotion on radio.